The new generation air-cleaner units for maximum air quality

The new generation units of MedicCleanAir® meet the highest requirements for protection of patients, visitors and hospital staff in relation to the risk of infections spread through airborne contamination.

Especially since the latest developments of flu and tuberculosis MedicCleanAir® has invested even more in security for air purification and isolation units. As from now, perfect air quality together with the desired pressure difference inside medium- and high care wards, is not a difficult aim anymore.

Hours Security 24/24

The MedicCleanAir® devices are easily installed and functions are selected via a state-of-the-art remote controls. Personnel are provided with optimum support by visual and acoustic signals. The MedicCleanAir® units are designed for round-the-clock operation.

The efficiency of the MedicCleanAir® devices has been confirmed by several scientific, medical and clinical studies of which some were published by esteemed, world-wide medical organisations.

Features of MedicCleanAir® air purification units:

  • mobile for rapid use with immediate results (within 20’ max)
  • quick and easy-to-install (maximum ½ day work)
  • choice of high particulate air filters depending on requirements (HEPA12 to ULPA15)
  • filters are always leaktested
  • remote controls by key switch secures against undesirable external use (security)
  • choice of fan speeds
  • automatic regulation of desired pressure difference
  • screen-display with operating data recognition
  • filter monitoring with alarm function (hygiene security)
  • differential pressure monitoring with alarm function
  • easily changeable parameters via funcion keys
  • backed up by medical and clinical studies
  • improves infection control

100 % efficiency against Tuberculosis
100 % efficiency against Influenza Viruses
100 % efficiency against Aspergillosis
100 % efficiency against Sars
100 % efficiency against Varicella / Pox

«With the recent outbreak of the deadly Corona virus, it is extremely important for hospitals with isolated infected patients to keep the air in their environment safe and clean. Here is a small appearance of one of our air purification systems reported in the Belgian press this week.»