The Company of Medic Clean Air


Medic Clean Air – Division of Walsberghe nv
Bredestraat 13, B-2000 Antwerp – Belgium

National number: BE0456.903.256. – H.R.A. 343893

Phone +32-3-283 04 00, Mobile +32-475 71 06 91,

Contact: Hendrik Van Passel, Managing Director

Year of establishment: 1995


Does Flu concern You? Or is it more tuberculosis!

In Urgent Need of Isolation Rooms?
One Address only: Medic Clean Air: Fast and Easy Air Cleaning for Hospital Facilities!


  • Medical Sector


  • MedicCleanAir® is specialised in air purification and in creating isolation rooms (negative or positive pressure rooms) within ½ day work.
  • MedicCleanAir® is able to reduce the risk of infections to zero (0), can totally eliminate tuberculosis, (avian or mexican) flue, sars, varicella, aspergillus, spread of mrsa, etc.
  • MedicCleanAir® devices are used to protect immune compromised patients.
  • MedicCleanAir® devices are used to isolate infectious patients.


  • Operating theatres, intensive care area’s, (high risk departments)
  • to isolate infectious patients (tbc, flue, varicella,…)
  • to protect immune-compromised patients (surgery, cancer patients,…)


  • MedicCleanAir® is a perfect alternative and avoids (expensive) renovation works
  • MedicCleanAir® is easy and quickly installed (maximum ½ day)
  • MedicCleanAir® gives immediate results (within 10 minutes)
  • MedicCleanAir® is supported by medical / clinical and scientific studies (published)
  • MedicCleanAir® has a range of well-known (university) hospital references in Europe and the Middle East


MedicCleanAir® is the perfect solution to create isolation rooms within existing (and new) hospital facilities. MedicCleanAir® is the answer to Mexican Flu or Tuberculosis.

«With the recent outbreak of the deadly Corona virus, it is extremely important for hospitals with isolated infected patients to keep the air in their environment safe and clean. Here is a small appearance of one of our air purification systems reported in the Belgian press this week.»