The History of Medic Clean Air


  • The MedicCleanAir® concept was founded in 1994 as a Belgian-Dutch-Swiss partnership. Presently, the company is based on a Belgian-Swiss Cooperation.
  • The culmination of intensive scientific research and development at university levels have resulted in a scientifically proven, workable, feasible, economic acceptable, preventive measure to decrease the critical financial and human problems caused by Indoor Airborne Pollution


The origin of the MedicCleanAir® – concept is threefold: The numerous publications (as from the late 1980’s) on problems caused by Indoor Airborne Pollution, like allergy, asthma, side-smoke, etc. (offices -SBS) together with the burden caused by Hospital Acquired Infections; the severe consequences of Indoor Airborne Pollution in every day working conditions like loss of production, sick leave, infections, deaths and economic / financial losses. The fact that there was no workable solution available as an effective preventive measure to reduce this burden and these financial losses.

As part of its international operations, MedicCleanAir® established a partnership with different organizations, the first of which in Switzerland, then in Belgium. The result was the introduction of a mobile air cleaning device in 1998, which meets, until today, all requirements for optimum air cleaning. Due to the medical and clinical success of the MedicCleanAir®-devices, international partnerships developed.

«With the recent outbreak of the deadly Corona virus, it is extremely important for hospitals with isolated infected patients to keep the air in their environment safe and clean. Here is a small appearance of one of our air purification systems reported in the Belgian press this week.»