Easily installable differential pressure units ISO 210

Isolation Unit, 2-piece, for positive or negative room pressure

MedicCleanAir ISO 210

This Isolation Unit is made for installation on walls or windows. Pressure differences up to 20 Pascal are easily generated. Reccommended for isolation rooms up to 12m2 / 30m3. ISO210 can be used with Remote Control RC100 or RC200.

Negative pressure is obtained when the filter unit is placed inside the room, and the ventilator unit is placed outside the room. (infectious patients) Positive pressure is obtained when the ventilator unit is placed inside the room and the filter unit is placed outside the room. (immune-compromised patients).

Both parts are connected by a tube – through the wall – which contains an air back-pressure flap (standard) and fire damper (optional). Filters used in this Isolation Unit are of HEPA14 or ULPA15 quality, leaktested and airtight secured.

MedicCleanAir benefits

  • Automatic differential pressure regulation
  • Automatic pressure loss alert
  • Filter detection by ID code (filter condition)
  • Complies with CDC guidelines (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention)

Used in hospitals, clinics and medical facilities

General use in
Operating theatres, intensive care units, isolation wards, etc.

Immune-compromised patients

Oncology, haematology, neonatology, transplant, burn units, etc.

Infectious patients
Tuberculosis, chicken pox, SARS, MRSA, flu viruses, etc.

«With the recent outbreak of the deadly Corona virus, it is extremely important for hospitals with isolated infected patients to keep the air in their environment safe and clean. Here is a small appearance of one of our air purification systems reported in the Belgian press this week.»