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Patient Safety Dubai, booth D30
16-18th September 2014

Rencontre Internationale Francophone des Infirmiers et Infirmières en Hygiène Hospitalière Bruxelles
2+3 Octobre 2014

Medica Düsseldorf

12-15th November 2014

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What is Air Purification?

What are the requirements for optimal air purification?

Why MedicCleanAir®?

Financial Benefits with MedicCleanAir®?

Who benefits by MedicCleanAir®?

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The History of Medic Clean Air


  • The MedicCleanAir® concept was founded in 1994 as a Belgian-Dutch-Swiss partnership. Presently, the company is based on a Belgian-Swiss Cooperation.
  • The culmination of intensive scientific research and development at university levels have resulted in a scientifically proven, workable, feasible, economic acceptable, preventive measure to decrease the critical financial and human problems caused by Indoor Airborne Pollution.


The origin of the MedicCleanAir® – concept is threefold:
The numerous publications (as from the late 1980’s) on problems caused by Indoor Airborne Pollution, like allergy, asthma, side-smoke, etc. (offices -SBS) together with the burden caused by Hospital Acquired Infections; the severe consequences of Indoor Airborne Pollution in every day working conditions like loss of production, sick leave, infections, deaths and economic / financial losses.
The fact that there was no workable solution available as an effective preventive measure to reduce this burden and these financial losses.


As part of its international operations, MedicCleanAir® established a partnership with different organizations, the first of which in Switzerland, then in Belgium. The result was the introduction of a mobile air cleaning device in 1998, which meets, until today, all requirements for optimum air cleaning. Due to the medical and clinical success of the MedicCleanAir®-devices, international partnerships developed.


  • Since 1998, the range of products has been diversified in line with specific market needs to meet the optimum requirements of every specific segment.
  • All devices are manufactured in line with technological development and are tested and approved by independent, esteemed international scientific institutes.
  • This is of utmost importance especially for healthcare facilities as medical organizations only approve and confirm the features and benefits of MedicCleanAir products through internationally published studies and at international symposia. The results of most medical and scientific studies are at anyone’s disposal on this site.
  • All MedicCleanAir® products carry the CE-mark and are produced under ISO 9001

  • 1998 MedicCleanAir® Forte for the public and private sector – offices decrease complaints and improve productivity

  • 2000 – MedicCleanAir® Pro for the healthcare environment – medical.
    For critical high-risk departments in medical facilities: ICU, BMT, Transplant, O.T., Burn Units...

  • 2001 – MedicCleanAir® ProPharma for the healthcare environment – medical.
    Contamination through vaporised cytostatic and anaesthetic products

  • 2002 – MedicCleanAir® Vitalis for copy depts. and printers offices
    Exposure (OPS) to toners, vaporised chemical compounds from inks

  • 2002 – MedicCleanAir® Wing for animal quarantine centres following recent EU-regulations on imports of tropical birds.

  • 2003 – MedicCleanAir® ISO special for isolation rooms in healthcare facilities

  • 2004 – MedicCleanAir Remote Control for use and control by hospital staff only

  • 2004 – MedicCleanAir® Guard the professional for the private sector, domestic market

  • 2005 – MedicCleanAir® Heavy Duty Filter Cartridge with large amount of activated carbon for high adsorption of gases and chemical compounds

  • 2005 – MedicCleanAir® Wireless Remote Control for use and control by hospital staff only

  • 2006 – MedicCleanAir® ULPA filter Cartridge for isolations rooms in healthcare facilities

  • 2006 – MedicCleanAir® New Electronics with integrated control over filter cartridges, hygiene security and pressure difference through different coloured LED’s.

  • 2007 – MedicCleanAir® New motors fans with built-in electronics, higher air cleaning volume and capacity, low dB – virtually silent when used in the patient’s environment.

  • 2008 – disposal of the Dutch participation and intensifying the collaboration with Switzerland by investing large sums into developing new air purification and isolation devices.

  • 2008 – MedicCleanAir® – PRO 110 “Air Purification Unit” with anti-bacterial epoxy coating.

  • 2008 – MedicCleanAir® – ISO 200 series “Isolation Unit” for creation of negative pressure by means of ULPA filtration – to be used between window/outside the hospital.

  • 2009 – MedicCleanAir® – ISO 100 and ISO 120 “Isolation Units – All in One” series: to create negative or positive pressure by means of ULPA filtration – mainly to be installed on ceilings.

  • 2009 – MedicCleanAir® – ISO 210 series “Isolation Unit” for the creation of negative or positive pressure by means of ULPA filtration – installation on the wall between a room and a corridor.

  • 2009 – MedicCleanAir® – RC100 + RCC100: remote control by cable with key operation.

  • 2009 – MedicCleanAir® – RC200 + RCC200: remote control by cable with key operation and with display. Mainly for use with ISO series; including pressure difference display and monitoring, alarm, automatic features, etc.

  • 2010 – preparation for manufacturing large solutions for entire high care departments, including isolation purposes.


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